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Foggy glasses with your mask?

Foggy glasses with your mask?
While it is essential for everyone to be wearing face masks to decrease risk of COVID-19 transmission, we all know it can be a bit pesky when our glasses start to fog with our masks. Here are some tips that help reduce condensation from your breath on your glasses. 
1. Tighten the nose piece of your mask and wear a tighter mask
2. Put tape across the top of the mask to tighten the seal (you could also use double sided tape inside the mask)
3. Fold tissue paper lengthwise 2x and tuck into top of mask above tip of nose to catch moisture from your breath
4. Use anti-fog wax like CatCrap on lenses and buff out with a microfiber cloth 
5. Wear contact lenses
Parisa Jalalat, OD Parisa Jalalat, OD Dr. Parisa Jalalat is a California board-certified optometrist with therapeutic and glaucoma certifications. She has a passion for providing top quality, innovative eye care and a personalized patient experience. She is experienced in performing comprehensive eye exams, treating ocular diseases, dry eye, co-managing ocular surgeries, and fitting soft and hard contact lenses.

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